Chemistry 119

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All files needed for a Pay per view video will be available through the course email, or with a link below the video. Some instructors are sending out their course packet only through email. To join a class list, send an email to help@tutorjohn.com

Click the links below to access videos and course documents

Video lecture on Electron Configuration Quantum Numbers

Electron Configuration Quantum Numbers doc

Periodic table doc

Formula sheet doc

Video lecture on Nomenclature

Nomenclature tips and tricks doc

Periodic table doc

Formula sheet doc

Video lecture on Lewis Dots

Lewis dots lecture doc

Periodic table doc

Electronic configuration lecture doc

Video lecture on Limiting reactants

Balancing Equations Limiting Reactants doc

Video lecture on Ions in solution

Ions in solutions doc

Chemical Stoichiometry Redox

Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry doc

Chem 119 Thermodynamics and Heat

Chem 119 Thermaldynamics and heat doc

Formula sheet doc

Chem 119 Gas laws

Chem 119 Gas laws doc

Chem 119 Final review part 1

Chem 119 Final review part 2

Chem 119 final review doc

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