Math 140

The weekly classes and test reviews will be done with a live stream, to purchase access to this live stream, please call the office at 9794858556 to make a purchase. The link to the live stream will be available on this page, but you will need a password to open the video.

If the number of passwords sold does not match the number of viewers, I will shut down the live stream. Please don't share passwords, with COVID-19, our revenue has been greatly reduced, and it will just lead to the shutdown of our business.

Live streams will be converted to pay per view events later that day. These will be available on this page.

All files needed for a live stream will be available through the course email, or with a link below the video

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For exam reviews, you need to send an email to help@tutorjohn.com to recieve the lecture packets.

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Exam 2 lecture video

Part 1: Linear functions, equations of suppy, demand, cost, revenue and profit

Final review part 1 lecture video

Final review packet: Linear functions

Final review Part 2: Matricies, and pivoting

Final review part 2 lecture video

Final review packet: Matricies and pivoting

Part 3: Linear programing, and the Simplex Method

Final review part 3 Lecture video

Final review packet: Linear programing and Simplex

Part 4: Probability

Final review part 4 Lecture video

Final review packet: Probability

Part 5: Finance

Final review part 5 Lecture video

Final review packet: Finance

Finals fall 2020

Final review part 1: Video has no audio, refer to last springs videos

Final review part 2

Final review part 3

Final review packet part 1

Final review packet part 2

Final review packet part 3

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