Physics 201

This is a listing of the lecture videos for those in Physics 201 at Texas A&M. For those at Blinn these videos will be fine, but the test reviews many not work well for you. Some of the Blinn teachers might not follow the same schedule as those at Texas A&M.

When you click the link on the video, it will take you to Vimeo. At this site you may pay for the video. You will have access to the video for 30 days, which means you may play the video as many times as you like for the 30 day period.

Please do not share log in information with friends. I am not making much money on these videos, and taking away sales hurts us and reduces our income. COVID has reduced my income quite a bit, so every sale counts.

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Test reviews will be sent through email only and will probably be a recording of the in person review.

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Test one lectures

Kinematics video lecture

Kinematics lecture packet

Unit conversion and Vectors video lecture

Unit conversion and Vectors lecture packet

Projectiles and relative velocity video lecture

Projectiles and relative velocity lecture packet

Newton's laws video lecture

Newton's laws lecture packet

Test Two Lectures

Circular motion video lecture

Circular motion lecture packet

Gravity for Texas A&M (Not Blinn) video lecture

Texas A&M (Not Blinn) Gravity lecture packet

Work and Energy video lecture

Work and Energy lecture packet

Momentum and Collisions video lecture

Momentum and Collisions lecture packet

Test Three Lectures

All videos below this sentance are from last spring, when Covid hit and are of a different format.

rotational motion Pay per view

Physics 201 Torques

Physics 201 Torques part 2

Simple Harmonic Motion and sound part 1

Sound part 2 video lecture

Blinn Gravity video lecture

Test Four Lectures

Heat and heat transfer lecture

Kinetic theory of gases, with exam 3 theory lecture

thermodynamics lecture


Old exam reviews

Exam 3 review part 1 video lecture

Exam 3 review part 2 video lecture

short review video lecture

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