Physics 202

This is a listing of the lecture videos for those in Physics 202 at Texas A&M. For those at Blinn these videos will be fine, but the test reviews many not work well for you. Some of the Blinn teachers might not follow the same schedule as those at Texas A&M.

When you click the link on the video, it will take you to Vimeo. At this site you may pay for the video. You will have access to the video for 30 days, which means you may play the video as many times as you like for the 30 day period.

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Test reviews will be sent through email only there is no in person class for this course this fall

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Test one lectures

Columbs law video lecture

Columbs law lecture packet

Electrical energy and Voltage video lecture

Electrical energy and Voltage lecture packet

Electrical Circuits video lecture

Electrical circuits lecture packet

Test Two Lectures

Magnetic Fields video lecture

Magnetic Fields lecture packet

Faraday's law of Induction video lecture

Faraday's law of Induction lecture packet

Alternating Current circuits video lecture

Alternating Current circuits lecture packet

Test Three Lectures

Electromagnetic waves video lecture

Electromagnetic waves lecture packet

The Law of reflection video lecture

The law of reflection lecture packet

Thin lenses and optical instruments video lecture

Thin lenses and optical instruments lecture packet

Diffraction and thin film interference video lecture

Diffraction and thin film interference lecture packet

Test Four Lectures

Photoelectric effect video lecture

Photoelectric effect lecture packet

Bohr vs Quantum video lecture

Bohr vs quantum lecture packet

Radioactive Decay video lecture

Radioactive Decay lecture packet

All videos below this sentance will be replaced as the semester progresses.

Exam 3 Question and Answer video

Exam 3 pay per view video

Exam 3 equation sheet video

Thin film interference and youngs double slit

The following three videos compose the exam 4 review: Binding energy, Bohr vs Quantum, and Photoelectric effect. The normal review packet has been broken into three parts to keep each part from being too long.

Exam 4 review part 3: Binding energy, Radioactive decay and dating lecture video

Exam 4 review part 2: Bohr vs Quantum

For problems 10,11 and 12 please watch the bonus video

Exam 4 review part 1: Photoelectric effect, compton scattering lecture video

Short review exam 4

Final review part 1 lecture video

Part 1: Circuits

Final review part 2 Lecture video

Final review Part 2: Electric Forces

Final review part 3 Lecture video

Part 3: Magnetic Fields

Final review part 4 Lecture video

Part 4: Lenses

Final review part 5 Lecture video

Part 5: Exam 4 material

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