Live Streams

Live streams are only being done for certain classes. Please refer to the schedule for which classes will have a llve stream event.

All live streams are charged at $8 per hour. This cost will only get you one view of the live stream. To purchase a live stream, a phone call to the office will be required. You will then be given a password to the live stream over the phone. The number of passwords given out should match the number of viewers in the live stream. If not the live stream will be shut down. Do not share your password! My revenue stream has been severly reduced due to COVID-19. Sharing the password will only lead to shutting down my business.

Pay Per View

Pay per view events will be available for the entire semester. The cost of pay per view events is the same as a live stream. $8 per hour, just like the weekly classes. These pay per view events will be up for the entire semester, you will be able to watch them as many times as you like until the semester is over.

Some of the pay per view events will be converted live streams, and others will be videos of just the tutor making a presentation. It will depend upon the class and the amount of free time available on which type of video you will see.

Course Materials

Course materails will be emailed to the class email list either when a video becomes available, or before a live stream event. For some classes, the course materials will be available with a download linkon the video page. If you would like to join a class email list please send an email to help@tutorjohn.com

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