Live Streams

Live streams will be done for all test reviews and the weekly classes. The cost for live streams will be discounted to $8 per hour with a nominal fee due to processing charges. For the schedule of the live stream events, please refer to the schedule posted on the calendar.

All live streams will be converted to Pay Per view events after the live stream is over. Please allow for 24 hours for this to occur.

The streaming service allows for live chat, but I would prefer for questions to be asked with your voice instead of typing. So I would like if the students use google hangouts as well. I will have an earpiece so I can hear the audio during the session. I will not transmit the audio through google hangouts. There is a 20 second delay between what the camera captures and what you will see on your devices screen.

Pay Per View

Pay per view events will be available for the entire semester. The cost of pay per view events is the same as a live stream. $8 per hour, and you will be able to view each pay per view event up to three times. Just make sure you use the same device that you purchased the Pay per view on. If you try a different device, the service will require a new payment.


Payments for videos will go though paypal. Once you click on the link, it will take you to the video of your choice and then it will give you directions for sending payment through paypal.

Once payment is recieved, then the video will start.